2 février 2023

Why Influencer Marketing is Becoming Essential in Brand Strategies

More and more companies are turning to social media to increase their visibility. They can especially leverage the services of influencers whose role is to enhance their brand awareness and growth.

Definition of Influencer Marketing

In order to maintain market share and avoid being outpaced by competitors, it’s undeniable that companies must now focus on influencer marketing. This strategy aims to promote a company’s products and services while building its reputation effectively and sustainably online. According to the Reech 2022 study, influencers represent added value for brands for 84% of advertisers. Over the past two years, 74% of advertisers have conducted more than one influencer campaign, with TikTok being the platform where most of these campaigns are carried out. You can access all these figures and more by consulting the Reech 2022 study on influencer marketing, available for download here.

With the use of this powerful tool, some less ethical practices have also emerged. However, internet users are increasingly reluctant to be deceived by these practices. Hence, it’s crucial for companies to reinvent themselves if they want to maintain their presence on social media. A partnership with an authentic influencer is certainly one of the keys to success in this field.

The Advantages of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective solution for promoting a brand. The influencer uses their network to carry out campaigns of varying scales, which are particularly appreciated by consumers. They can easily relate to these campaigns due to the authenticity and naturalness they exude. This is how we see some brands, with no presence in traditional media or other traditional channels, achieve considerable fame solely through social media.

The influencer is considered an ambassador for the brand. Whenever they speak about a product or service, they are listened to because of the trust established with their community. This contributes to raising awareness of the brand, similar to word-of-mouth.

Identifying the Audience and Content Strategy

It’s crucial to identify and reach the relevant audience for the company as part of a marketing strategy. This process requires meticulousness and a good understanding of prospects. In this regard, choosing the right influencer is particularly crucial.

Influencers disseminate content to their followers, which is the raison d’être of their role. Companies are also major content producers, such as blog articles, videos, and podcasts. While these contents are important, relevance is key here. It’s essential to satisfy the needs of consumers in this regard.

Improving Online Visibility

Companies can gain high visibility on the internet by partnering with influencers with significant online influence. This increases their brand awareness, and their online visibility can be improved using various means.

The content created by influencers is original and aims to achieve better rankings on search engines. Influencer marketing helps to enhance the brand’s reputation and lends credibility to the content. Influencers also generate backlinks to the company’s website, which Google’s algorithm takes into account for search engine optimization.